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On Feb 4, 2009 the MUFON BOD gave their full support to the MUFON ID
James Carrion to basically drag down MUFON as we see it today. All the
MUFON State Directors and Asst State Directors received this MEMO
signed by Chuck Reever, Clifford Clift, Jan Harzan and others standing
" 100% behind the actions and decisions of the International Director"
or James Carrion.

Later, the highly supported MUFON ID was asked to leave" for unknown
managerial and financial reasons to avoid a scandal upon the MUFON BOD.
What reason would the MUFON BOD want the MUFON ID James Carrion removed
for, was it the reasons found below? Was it....

a. MUFON BOD were in full support of the ID UFO Hoax in Mexico? Or was

b. Wasting 9 pages of MUFON Journal space on the Mexican Nayarit UFO
photos where his in-depth UFO investigative dis-information report was
based on a COPY of the original Or could it be...

c. Growing dissatisfaction within the ranks of MUFON completely ignored
by the MUFON BOD, on all fronts with the SIPP, Field Investigators and
State Directors, or was it...

d. Were MUFON funds missing along with Bigelow Aerospace
funds...(remember the ID and BOD voted to get BAASS in and now BAASS
wants to know where their money went or do they??)

Whatever the reason the problems with MUFON have been festering like a
cancer for months and MUFON is broke now. The ID Clifft said a AUDIT
was completed and there was "no improprieties" and I'm trying to
understand that since we have not see the Audit and where the money
went and after months of favored Carrion gross mis-management we are
suppose to believe that statement from ID Clifft??????

Then the current MUFON BOD are delusional and hoping for a miracle that
maybe a white knight will save them? Bigelow Aerospace (BAASS) will
come back with even greater funds to save the poor MUFON BOD. Now you
got to ask yourself why would they do that?

They already have their certification from the US gov to investigate
Air Force UFO sightings now bypassing MUFON completely. While at the
same time the MUFON Journal now under the capable direction of ID Clift
sanctions the 2012 John Ventre's article politically promoting the
"Ventre facts" as real because MUFON did not put a disclaimer
on Ventre's article saying that "President Barack Obama" is the
Antichrist, the Ventre articles was not once published but twice amid a
chorus of protest from the MUFON membership which was promptly ignored.

So the question is.....why would BAASS want to do anything with MUFON
after they used up and played Carrion and Clift for fools along with
all the other MUFON members and they now have all that they wanted???
Federal certification as UFO investigators= BAASS.

For BASSS to further get involved with MUFON would get them politically
tainted within the OBAMA Administration, so in fact what happened is,
the current MUFON BOD and ID sold us out!! What BAASS got was Federal
funding to be spent on MUFON on a TEMP basis so they could be certified
as Federal UFO investigators...MUFON got absolutely nothing!!!! No
funding neither!

But there is a good thing ...I don't think BAASS will take MUFON to
court. BAASS could lose their COVETED UFO certification by negative
publicity with MUFON in how MUFON mismanage BASSS research funds,
as BAASS got all they wanted. BAASS don't want the truth to come out on
how they suckered MUFON but don't worry, ID Clift said everything is
good in the MUFON Audit even though MUFON is broke.

ON January 30,2010 MUFON SIP project ended along with BAASS funding.
Its been over 4 months for BAASS to give an answer for more MUFON
funding..keep dreaming MUFON BOD.

MUFON Declares war on SDs

Are you next for expulsion...now several State Directors are in-line to
be expelled from MUFON for expressing their opinion about the corrupt
conditions in MUFON?????????????????????

1) What we been able to determine is that not only is MUFON Broke but
the MUFON ID doesn't know where the BAASS and other funds are or how
they were spent?
2) MUFON merchandise in the 10's of thousands is missing and
unaccounted for.
3) Where is the completed Audit that was done in March 2010..MUFON ID
Clift said he was going to publish it in the MUFON Journal?
4) The Pandora DOCS are missing and unaccounted for...recent report
said some of the Pandora Docs have been found but most of it is missing
or 30 years of UFO records gone.
5) The MUFON membership list has been compromised.
6) Current MUFON BOD positions are up for sale to the highest bidder.

Now we get to find out that Carrion signed two contracts for BAASS on
2/24/2009 and 3/2/2009...review your past email. So we now don't even
know what was signed?

Now I heard a rumor that MUFON SD Ken Cherry an advocate for reforming
MUFON has been fired by MUFON ID Clift and the MUFON BOD? A short
review of this man MUFON History indicates years of loyalty and hard
work for MUFON and now Mr. Cherry is throwed under the bus. Its seems a
Ms. Joiner used enough F. words (which I have the evidence in where her
own foul mouth was used ) to influence the MUFON BOD and ID Clift to
have SD Cherry removed.

Its a disgrace and shameful to remove SD Cherry, better to have John
Ventre removed for killing any dialogue with BAASS for MUFON than Mr.
Cherry. John Ventre turn over night the MUFON JOURNAL into a political
magazine read by the Obama administration, another Ventre shameful act.

Did John Ventre buy-off ID Clift to get his 2012 end times prophecy in
the MUFON Journal outlining Ventre's political opinion? Has MUFON come
so low as to sell off MUFON integrity and its standards for CASH???
AKA: MUFON Journal and Field investigator work.

MUFON seems its better to get rid of devoted servants like Ken Cherry
who has the largest membership and FI in the nation...who has the best
interest of MUFON in his mind 24/7...who was removed by the MUFON ID
CLIFT the replacement for UFO Skeptic James Carrion based on F-words
foul mouth testimony.

Also, one of the issues SD Cherry revealed was going to be a major
problem was the IRS 5013c MUFON tax exempt status...did we lose it??

I am ashamed to be a Benefactor for MUFON and yes we do need change
before the current MUFON BOD and ID destroys itself from within.
Sadly,the MUFON BOD and ID back and support fools while denigrating and
ousting real MUFON SDs...so nothing changed since Carrion left, in
fact, its worse.

Tim White Eagle MUFON Benefactor

CC: Colorado State Criminal Fraud Div.

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