Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 14:20:24 -0500

February 11, 2011

Hi All,

As you may be aware, there are a variety of emails floating around
and radio shows that portray MUFON in a dim light. These emails
depict our organization in disarray. They are being distributed by a
variety of disgruntled MUFON members filled with half truths and very
misleading information about MUFON and the International Director.
I can assure you that this information is far from the truth.  MUFON
is, and remains, a strong organization dedicated to the search for
the truth about the UFO phenomenon and the dissemination of reports
on unexplained aerial craft and ground trace evidence.
MUFON has chosen not to get involved in this political battle.
MUFON's Board of Directors and I remain certain of our political
future and our laser beam focus of priorities, which can be defined
in our Mission Statement.  “The Scientific Study of UFOs for the
Benefit of Humanity.
We will continue to provide all of you accurate and truthful
information about our continued positive direction. MUFON remains the
largest civilian research organization in the search for and
education of the UFO phenomena.  Our monthly journal will keep you
posted on recent reported events.  Our upcoming International
Symposium in Orange County, CA. will be outstanding.  Our keynote
speaker will be Story Musgrave, plus other great presenters

MUFON's Field Investigators and Star Team members are doing an
outstanding job with Investigations.  Your investigations are
bringing us closer to discovery.  MUFON thanks you.

In mentioning the Star Team above, there does seem to be some
misunderstanding about the Star Team's role within MUFON.  Star Team
members are able to deploy within 48 hours of the event, but usually
only on Category 3 events.  Members are not deployed until the State
Director, or other designated person in state leadership, is
notified.  The primary Field Investigator will be involved with the
Star Team.  The investigation will be a joint operation between the
State and the Star Team.  There is open and honest communication
among all.

The three recent deployments of Star Team has gone smoothly.
Everyone worked very well together.  Chase Kloetzke, as Star Team
manger, State Directors, and primary Field Investigators did an
outstanding job. Yes, good things are happening.

To become a Star Team member, please contact your State Director,
since the SD of each state appoints Star Team members.

Concerning the vacancies in Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington and
Arizona, volunteers have stepped up and filled these positions.
Volunteers are truly amazing.  Thank you.

CMSII will be Beta Tested this month and will be up and running.
These three people have volunteered over $200,000 in man hours
putting together CMS.  (The $200,000 number is based on the cost to
have CMS made by outside web site designers.)  CMS is a huge benefit
for MUFON fulfilling our Mission Statement.  Our hats are off to Jan
Harzan, Tomas Karlsson, and John Jenner. 

Many good things are happening within MUFON and I thank all of you
for a job well done.  Lets move into the future with positive
thoughts and energy to fulfill our Mission Statement.  We can and we
will with dedicated people like you.

I and MUFON truly appreciate all of your support.


Clifford Clift, International Director MUFON

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