Follow The Magic Thread by By James Carrion 4-18-12     

American scientific Ufology is dead. Its once glorified remains lay decomposing and waiting to be buried in the already littered graveyard of Ufology. Once the king of the Ufological Universe, American Ufology has relegated itself to the realm of charlatans and magicians as well as those who once claimed to be in pursuit of UFO truth but now spend their time resting on their laurels while making the rounds of the UFO speaker’s circuit followed by loyal groupies.These “usuals” tell the same tired old stories of past research studies, new sensational and unproven claims, and regurgitated UFO trash that can be found anywhere on the Internet. The true scientists, real scientific studies and in depth real investigations are long gone. If you don’t believe me, then search the speaker list of any American UFO conference and you will see the usual characters that hop from event to event like a traveling circus. Examine the content of their presentations and you will be hard pressed to find anything that even comes close to resembling science.Alleged science based UFO organizations like MUFON are a shadow of their former selves and even though MUFON boasts of years of continuity, thousands of members and trained field investigators and a cadre of PHD consultants, you will also be hard pressed to find any real science within the organization, its journal or its conferences. After more than 40 years of existence collecting UFO data, MUFON cannot even bring itself to state in unequivocal terms what it has learned from the UFO phenomenon. MUFON fails at science because it refuses to establish standards of evidence, expose blatant frauds and focus more on research rather than just on investigation. “Others talk, we investigate” is the MUFON motto but instead it  should be “Others talk, we conduct research”, as accumulating years of UFO data without interpreting the data does as much good as accumulating garbage in a landfill; no one benefits from the collection.

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