Interesting to note that John Schuessler,  founding member of MUFON and former MUFON International Director, is also on the Advisory Board of  NIDS.

B.A.A.S.S. Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies

Address:  XXXXXXXX. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Fax: 702-456-9404

A sister company to Bigelow Aerospace, is a research organization that focuses on the identification, evaluation, and acquisition of novel and emerging future technologies worldwide as they specifically relate to spacecraft. BAASS is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are seeking experienced scientists to join our research teams. If you are an inquisitive outside of the circle thinker, who is detail oriented and looking for a challenge, this is a unique and exciting opportunity to advance your career and be a part of cutting edge research.    


Bigelow Aerospace Corporation Address: Bigelow Aerospace
1899 W. Brooks Ave.
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
Phone: 1-702-688-6600 Website:  

Bigelow Aerospace is a North Las Vegas, Nevada space technology startup company that is pioneering work on expandable space station modules. It was founded in 1999 by hotelier Robert Bigelow.  An expandable module is a space structure that has a flexible outer shell, allowing conservation of diameter for launch and weight overall. Once in orbit, the module is inflated to allow for greater work, play and living area for astronauts. Expandable modules initially were proposed and designed by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under the Transhab program. After cancellation of the Transhab program, Bigelow Aerospace entered into three Space Act agreements whereby Bigelow Aerospace is the sole commercializer of several of NASA's key expandable module technologies.

Perhaps you’ve seen news stories about Bigelow Aerospace, founded by Las Vegas real estate millionaire Robert Bigelow, who made his money with his chain of Budget Suites hotels. Following a path quite different from that of other companies involved in commercial space ventures, Bigelow Aerospace has a bold plan to launch an inflatable, orbiting space station as a destination for space tourists by 2012. The company plans to offer the well-heeled tourist the opportunity for a four-week sojourn in its orbiting space station for $15 million. But unlike some space entrepreneurs whose plans never leave earth, Bigelow Aerospace has already succeeded in orbiting two of its prototype modules on Russian rockets: Genesis I in 2006 and Genesis II in 2007. These are inflatable modules with sophisticated cameras and electronic packages to demonstrate the feasibility of this unique and untried approach. As of this writing, both modules remain in orbit and continue to send back data. In 2006, Bigelow Aerospace was awarded the Innovator Award by the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation.

But there is one space-related issue troubling Mr. Bigelow, one on which he feels the need to obtain, even at potentially great cost, the best counsel available: UFOs. It is not clear whether he fears that UFOs will interfere with his future orbiting hotel chain or if he believes that UFOs harbor some secrets of propulsion or anti-gravity that his engineers might someday be able to put to good use.


National Institute for the Discovery of Science

Science Advisory Board:
John Alexander, Ph.D.
Warren Burggren, Ph.D.
Douglas P. Ferraro, Ph.D.
Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D.
Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.
Melvin Morse, M.D.
Martin Piltch, Ph.D.
Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board
Theodore (Ted) Rockwell, D.Sc.
John F. Schuessler, M.S.
Jessica Utts, Ph.D.
Jacques Vallee, Ph.D.
Jim Whinnery, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert T. Bigelow, President and Founder
Colm A. Kelleher, Ph.D., Administrator, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D., Deputy Administrator, Geology, Botany, and Earth History


Address: National Institute for Discovery Science
4975 S. Polaris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89118-1629

Phone: 702-798-1700 (Please note: NIDS does not accept collect calls)
Email: nids @


The National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS) is a newly formed, privately funded research organization. It focuses on scientific exploration that emphasizes emerging, novel, and sometimes unconventional observations and theories. In its programs, NIDS rigorously employs accepted scientific methods and maintains the highest ethical and quality standards. Because NIDS is a new institution, it is too soon to determine exactly what specific projects will be undertaken. However, the Institute is concentrating on exploring fundamental research on issues concerning the nature and evolution of life and consciousness in the universe, and their modes of interaction. In short, NIDS appears to be a blend of hard (though fringe) physical science, and what could be loosely termed "mystical science." It may very well be secretly backed by the CIA or some other spooky agency        



Three high ranking military officals have frequented the property on more than one occasion.  One of these officers was a three star general who visited as little as 6 months ago.  The branch of the military that he represents is unknown as well as his identity.  However what is known is that a faction of the  US government does fund research and security activity in conjunction with Bob Bigelow on the Ranch.

Contact: its black and going to remain that way!

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