Elaine Douglass was a 25-year member of MUFON and state director for Utah when she was removed by International Director Clifford Clift. She organized a group who thought that all of these events were suspect and they launched an organization to reform.

MUFON including asking that the MUFON membership be able to vote on who is on the board of directors. In this program Elaine lays out some of the things she has discovered about the UFO organization and she reveals some incidents, names of people who have tried to prevent release of some UFO material to the public and other items on why she believes MUFON has been compromised and has become a tool of the US Government. (Interview recorded July 16, 2011) Related   &   Reform MUFON Forum  

In PART TWO Elaine Douglass reveals information she has that one of the Board of Directors has taken money to make sure a case disappeared, notes that Robert Bigelow bought Brian Vike's UFO reporting business after the deal with MUFON fell through.
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In PART THREE Elaine discusses some of the personalities in MUFON's upper levels of management and reveals information that she believes is true that shows some of the fast track investigations go straight to one of the alphabet agencies of the US Government and she believes certain people in MUFON are aware of it. 

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