Paracast Interview with "Chip" on Bigelow

September 2, 2012 — David Weatherly, Ryan Skinner, and “Chip”
Gene and Chris present a special roundtable discussion covering one of the most important on-going cases of location-specific phenomenal events on record: The Uintah Basin/Sherman Ranch (Skinwalker Ranch) case. This episode will feature new information and up-to-date analyses of these enigmatic events that continues to baffle scientists and researchers of paranormal events. UFOs, crypto-creatures, cattle mutilations, portals, native legends, a shadowy billionaire, melted dogs and rumors of fire-fights with aliens. Our guests include investigators David Weatherly and Ryan Skinner. We'll also present "Chip," a Sherman Ranch insider, who will offer exclusive details.

<a href="" >September 2, 2012 — David Weatherly, Ryan Skinner, and “Chip”</a>

Goto September 2, 2012, tracks 2 and 3.

In his Blog Strange Bedfellows, Carrion states the following:

· Mr. Bigelow did not fund MUFON’s work for BAASS, instead “sponsors” that Bigelow revealed to John Schuessler but not to the other MUFON Board Members put up the money.

"Chip" claims that it was the NSA who put up the money for the research at Skinwalker. A direct link between Bigelow and the government.  ED.

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